Meaning Of Oder

Without knowing them in real life.

Meaning of oder. 913 km 567 miles. A command or notice issued by a military organization or a military commander to troops sailors etc. A command of a court or judge. A badge or medal of such a society also.

Placename a river in central europe rising in the ne czech republic and flowing north and west forming part of the border between germany and poland to the baltic. Theyre known for a couple of things. A group of people united in a formal way. 562 miles 905 km long.

The children lined up in order of age height. A roblox user usually ranging from ages 5 14 who date online hence the term oder. A fraternal society the masonic order. An oder is short for online dater which means two people are dating in online games media etc.

Synonym discussion of odor. One requiring members to take solemn vows. Czech and polish name. A community under a religious rule especially.

Definition of order entry 2 of 2 1 a. Oders are most mentioned in roblox a lot and sometimes people even troll oders while recording to put it on youtube. The infantry divisions were ordered to advance. How to use odor in a sentence.

Oders get called out a lot becuase you actually never know who you date then the oder will start running away ragequit or get defensive which the oder hater will win a lot. Order noun arrangement b1 u the way in which people or things are arranged either in relation to one another or according to a particular characteristic. Verb used with object to give an order direction or command to. 1 wearing virtual gear that makes them look attractive to other oders.

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