Assassin Vesteria

There are three types of armor.

Assassin vesteria. Experience the ultimate fantasy open world mmorpg. As its name suggests the assassin specialized in high burst damaging attacks. Experience the ultimate fantasy open world mmorpg today. Exceptionally good with pvp because of their invisibility and surprise attacks execute.

Just keep it civil. Ranger likely the most popular hunter subclass. A free for all discussion for all things vesteria. Any user of the hunter class can become an assassin by speaking to nightingale at level 30.

Subscribe subscribed unsubscribe 154k. Use this category to request new features additions bug fixes or changes to vesteria. See what all the buzz is about. Nightingale can be found in port fidelio through a small.

Can turn invisible to get to target unseen ranger dps uses ranged basic attack bow and arrow and has spells to enhance basic attack. Trickster support uses abilities to confuse enemies. Armor is what grants a player defense against attacks and as such its an important attribute of the game. Headgear chestpieces and footwear.

Agile fighters that perfectly counter melee and glass cannons. Can turn invisible to get to target unseen. The assassin is a sub class that branches off the hunter class. Assassin dps primarily single target focused high burst damage.

Remember to vote up topics you find are important so we know what to focus on. Armor can be upgraded using scrolls to increase their stats. Ensure your improvement is in its proper sub category.

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