Bee Swarm Conversion Rate

So at the end after i collected 100k pollen ill have 90kpollen 20khoney 110k honey profit.

Bee swarm conversion rate. Max quality chance of drop. How to redeem codes in bee swarm simulator. Bee swarm simulator pepsi swarm created by pepsi5229 finally something new releasing for bee swar swim. Lets say i have collected 100k pollen if i have 10 instant conversion rate my bees will transform 10 k from the 100k i collected into honey while im collecting it if i have 100conversion rate they will transform 10k pollen into 20k honey.

Bees convert pollen into honey at a set rate. Click on that and the options will. Look to the menu on the top left of the screen and find the gear icon. For example basic bee makes 80 honey in 4 seconds translating into a conversion rate of 20 honey per second.

Badges accessories gamepasses and science enhancement can increase the convert rate. Its pretty simple to redeem codes in bee swarm simulator. The production rate stacks and adds up.


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