Bloxroute Token

Blxr will only be made available to purchasers who are accredited investors.

Bloxroute token. This means the bdn does not know where blocks are coming from where they are going or what is inside of them. We believe that the blxr token gives the project a business model which aligns incentives for a broad base of network participants. Bloxroute is a provably neutral enabler it can only serve all nodes fairly without discrimination as blocks are encrypted. Blxr is a first of its kind security token that distributes revenues associated with the cryptocurrencies using bloxroutes blockchain distribution network bdn to the wider blockchain community.

Blxr tokens value is tied to the multiple cryptocurrencies that make up the blxr reserve the idea being that as bloxroute is implemented as a scaling solution it will make those cryptos more valuable and the blxr token will appreciate. Blockchain service bloxrouteis a scalability solution which allows all cryptocurrencies and blockchains to scale to thousands of transactions per second tps on chain without changing their protocol. This information on this website is provided to you solely for purposes of providing you with what we believe could be material information about bloxroute and its business. Bloxroute allows to safely increase the block size and to cut down the time interval between blocks without increasing the risk of forks and provides real time support for immediate transactions with zero confirmation 0 conf.

Bloxroute aimsnbspto create a solution for blockchain scalability that would allow all cryptocurrencies to scale without any protocol changes. Welcome to the bloxroute token sale disclaimer. Detailed description bloxroute is the first blockchain distribution network bdn which increases a blockchains on chain throughput by more than three orders of magnitude via an effective broadcast primitive without affecting a blockchains functionality and the balance of power among current system participants. The blxr token a capped supply security token conferring holders a pro rata share of all service fees associated with the blockchain delivery networks use is bloxroutes current cryptoasset.

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