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Clothing group ads roblox. Any concerns contact i7el or x3ei. Group clothing revenue management and payouts. Display ads for money this is a bc only feature. Roblox the roblox logo and powering imagination are among our registered and unregistered trademarks in the us.

Ads are a good way to go about that and advertising a group is similar to advertising other items on roblox. Any robux earned from these sales will go directly to the group regardless of who created it. Start for only 50 robux month. Promote your ad to millions per week or make hundreds of thousands in robux and tickets per month.

Pricing is the same for both image and text ads. The longest way 10 walk through china and grow a beard. Recommenced 02052018 roblox wants to moderate this so i wont type anything here. The past 3 4 days ive been making 1 ad a day and running 250 on each for 2 days minimum to see what ad does best then log the information in a document when its finished running after 24 hours.

Ads are images that players upload that can be use to promote their places clothing models decals groups etc. Welcome to our clothing group. Feel free to buy the clothing for low prices. Get an ad up to 200 views per day guaranteed.

Group clothing allows members to distinguish themselves from other groupsyou can design matching uniforms or even make variations for different ranks. Is a group on roblox owned by augustusberkeley with 50558 members. How to create an ad any group member that has been granted permission to advertise the group click here for more information on permissions will be able to create an ad. My average ctr across all ads so far is around 37 so im wondering how can i maximize the ctr while still.

R5 robux clothing only. Ad clothing group is a group on roblox owned by thesavageaaron with 161 members. Groups have the ability to create and sell their own clothing including custom shirts and pants on roblox. Roblox ads is a group on roblox owned by popmonster99 with 470 members.

Hey guys so im trying to branch out my clothing group and grow it by using ads.

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