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Earl alexander detective david tapp also known as bob is a fictional character from the saw franchise as well as the secondary protagonist of the first saw film and the main protagonist of saw.

Detective tapp saw game. At the end of the original saw movie danny glovers detective tapp is shot in the chest by zep hindle michael emerson another person forced to play jigsaws games and left for dead. For the kentucky judge see david a. He originates from the 2004 horror movie franchise of the same name saw. Saw the video game.

Detective david tapp is a fictional character from the saw franchise introduced in saw 2004 as a detective investigating a series of crime scenes linked to the same murderer. He was portrayed by danny glover in the movies and voiced by earl alexander in the video games. Saw is primarily a third person survival horror game with elements of the action genre. He woke up trapped inside the abandoned whitehurst insane asylum.

Saw game over ending dr gordon adam alison tapp zep and john. Saw the video game. The player controls david tapp a former detective trapped in the jigsaw killers asylum filled with traps. He has also appeared in saw.

Saving amanda chapter2 detective tapp. Saw is a third person perspective survival horror game based on the saw film franchise which has grossed more than 665m worldwide and sold more than 28 million dvds. The primary goal of the game is to traverse the asylum and solve traps in order to escape. Lets play a game chapter1 detective tapp duration.

Games detective 13 views. He is a part of the saw chapter. Detective david tapp is one of 22 survivors currently featured in dead by daylight. One would assume tapp died from his wound but that turns out not to be the case according to saw.

This category contains a list of all traps appearing in saw. The victim of this trap was detective david tapp. The game features many of the deadly mechanical traps seen in the film as well as terrifying new ones. In order to escape he had to find his way through the building and face a series of tests in order to.

The saw chapter a chapter dlc released on 23 january 2018. He was introduced as the survivor of chapter vii.

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