Fortnite Rig Keycard

Weve highlighted all of their locations above.

Fortnite rig keycard. The rig keycard can be found at the rig. Fortnite vaults are now a thing in fortnite chapter 2 season 2 and no. They are used to unlock vaults. Walk around to the inside of the strut and place a staircase.

The keycards are a legendary items in battle royale added in the patch 1200. Rig keycard is a legendary item in fortnite. There are a total of five keycard locations across fortnites map and each can be found in a unique location. Since you have the keycard youll have.

You will need to get the keycard from miniboss tntina after grabbing the keycard you can enjoy getting the secret treasures that are inside the rig vault location. Fortnite where to find the rig keycard to open the vault. Swim to the top right strut the one right above the r in rig on your mini map. Swipe the rig keycard and all the loot will be yours then use the toilet to get away.

Hunt for the big boss fill him full of lead and the keycard will be yours. With the rig keycard in your pocket jump into the water under the rig. The shark the rig the yacht and the grotto are all dotted around the edges of the map while the agency is plonked directly in the centre and is by far the biggest of the lot.

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