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Thatd be against the rules.

Futuristic modern plate armor. Its seriously durable since most range targets are constructed out of ar500. The armor is flexible with accessories that protect extremities as well as the core. See more ideas about armor body armor armour. A controversially expensive destroyer with plenty of interesting technologies that demonstrate the power of the modern american navy.

The new foam has potential to provide enhanced protection three times lighter than the current armor. Invisibility would have made for the coolest futuristic armor for sure. Ar500 steel plate armor armor made from material such as ar500 steel is the most affordabl e hard armor on the market at around 70 100 a plate youll want a front and back. Jan 2 2020 explore thedarkworldprojects board futuristic armour followed by 123 people on pinterest.

28 incredibly futuristic weapons and modern fighting vehicles. But its also the heaviest at 8 pounds each plate normally. But i recently made the move to vr skyrim and vr skyrim uses se mods and i couldnt find any armor mods that are futuristic or modern. This is as close as were getting to ripleys caterpillar p 5000 work loader for now which still makes it some of the coolest futuristic armor around.

Id still make jarret wear a bulletproof vest though because you cant be invisible in school. Dec 15 2019 explore mramaimons board rpg armour modern and futuristic followed by 161 people on pinterest. Rolled homogeneous armor steel plate is frequently used for tanks and armored vehicles. They featured futuristic body armor tailored for le or military applications.

See more ideas about futuristic armour armor concept sci fi armor. Also in the works is a flexible ballistic panel that can be used as a shield cover wounded counterparts protect a vehicles windshield etc. Using both vertical and triangular plate design the plate armor sets consisted of 27 or more individual 1 2mm thick curved plates which were secured together by nail or hinge. Its just how ive always played skyrim legacy.

Thinking of the middle ages as an era when warriors covered in steel plates became a mass phenomenon is if nothing else inaccurate.

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