How To Get Duskit In Loomian Legacy Easy

2 3 full evolved normal loomian 1 duskit if you have 2 starters tradable starters are impossible to get unless you have robux which many players do not have.

How to get duskit in loomian legacy easy. Make sure to like sub comment. Duskit is first encountered in gale forest where the player must defeat a corrupt duskit. Roblox in todays video im going to be showing you how to get the duskit in loomian legacy fast. It is revered as the guardian spirit of gale forest and cheshma town.

I hope you enjoy this loomian lagacy video on how to get the loomian lagacy duskit the fastest and easiest way. In loomian lagacy the duskit is a legenday loomian that is rare to find. Rechargeable absorb electric electric moves boosting speed. First you have to defeat the corrupt duskit in gale forest.

How to get duskit in loomian legacy fast. Check if the opponent does not get a raise in. But it cant be caught the first time. Duskit is a spiritmind type loomian introduced in loomian legacy veils of shadow.

Attack after being lowered to 50 or below health then repeatedly make contact to see if burn is not randomly received scorching skin. Loomian legacy duskit how to catch it. In this video ill be showing you how to get duskit in loomian legacy on roblox. Upon defeating the corrupt duskit it becomes the first roaming loomian in this installment of the loomian legacy series.

Once you have defeated the corrupt duskit will become encounterable and catchable anywhere in roria.

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