Identity Fraud Maze 1

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Identity fraud maze 1. The floor and ceiling both take on a yellowish grey hue while lanterns that periodically dim can be seen hanging off the walls. But hey now its the summer with a warm breeze pretty flowers and plenty more videos to come. Identity fraud is a horror maze game created by team m0therb0ard. Maze 1 is the first maze and visitable area in identity fraud.

The game is based around escaping mazes and reaching the final boss. After that you hug the wall the mirror is on left and follow that wall in the opposite direction from a gate. There are even some secrets. Maze 1 is an ambiguous multicursal maze with beige brick walls lined with brown coves.

No unique methods unless you must find a mirror. Grace mercy west hospital or maze 1 is the first maze in identity fraud 2. If you do turn right then go more left wall. Maze 1 appears to be an office area with whiteboards forced into the ground has a concrete ceiling and wooden planks as the floor.

As of march 11 2019 the description of the game says. You have to find the mirror first then play this video and follow where i went. To get through maze 2 as quickly as possible use the hug right strategy hugging the right wall all. Identity fraud is a horror genre roblox game created by team m0therb0ard in january 1 st 2016.

Its easy to get through this maze as all you have to do is always go right until you finally make it and make it to maze 2s entrance that has a puzzle with it. Find your way out and solve puzzles along the way. Maze 1 isnt an easy maze due to the player spawning on a random point around the map. To escape the maze you first need to find the mirror.

This video will show how to get through maze 1. Has brick walls and bars to get through. There is 1 landmark in this map which is the mirror that can be used to help leave this maze. Alice and stan can be found in this maze normally however both fraud and ralph can be lured in through the maze 1 exit.

How to get through maze 1 on identity fraud. A huge hospital shaped like a maze. This is the place where you will find almost anything about the roblox game known as identity fraud. Im sorry that i havent posted in a while.

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