Mm2 Chroma Deathshard

It has a chroma version named chroma deathshard.

Mm2 chroma deathshard. Free shipping read info batwing ancient godly scythe knife mm2 murder mystery 2 roblox. I will friend you and join your game to deliver your item. This thread is archived. Roblox murder mystery 2 mm2 luger godly knifes and guns read desc.

Deathshard is a godly knife that can currently be unboxed from knife box 1 extra information. Youtubers unboxing op items on multiple games 6k subs special roblox mm2 mmx assassin bgs duration. Read desc chroma deathshard godly knife mm2 murder mystery 2 roblox. Read desc chroma deathshard godly knife mm2 murder mystery 2 roblox.

Murder mystery 2s value list. How many seers is a deathshard worth. This is a virtual item. Your official murder mystery 2 value list.

Made without bias by the top clans in mm2 for you all. Message me your username for roblox when you purchase the item. The doge master roblox 57726 views. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

It is one of the smallest knives in mm2 the smallest being ghost. Can someone tell me please. Welcome to mm2 values. In the 2018 xmas event nikilis showed some love using our values for the godly shard count.

Roblox murder mystery 2 mm2 chroma deathshard. Since 2017 when we got together and started mm2 values you guys have shown us so much love and support. Been going strong since 2017. Didnt want to post this drawing i made of chroma darkbringer since it clogs up chat and hides trades but i love the way it turned our so much.

Free shipping read desc golden classic gun vintage mm2 murder mystery 2 roblox. And we are continuously growing every day.

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