Nightmare Sans And Dream Sans

Dream possesses all the good emotions of every.

Nightmare sans and dream sans. You were sitting on your bed when you heard footsteps outside. Before doing this quiz im gonna do another like this and then a story. Shattereddream is a character from current sdau comic along with inkpool nightmare and blueberry shattereddream chose his name upon the word dream shattered and he really hates his original name as it reminded him of his past. Your off into an adventure with a skeleton thats wearing gold shiny cape looking for his brother.

Shadow knight 32471 views. Friskthehuman published on august 30 2016 145 responses 18. Nightmare sans x depressed reader by blueberry sans. Dreamtale dream sans nightmare sans.

Are you more like dreamsans or nightmaresans. Dream has made friends while nightmare was bullied. Dream has no monster or human soul. Dreamsans is created from the light that was excluded by the tree of dreams better known as the tree of feelings.

Nightmare fnaf on a tv screen nightmare and dreams sans near byonly his face can be seen hello citizens you might have seen my demonstration of my latest brand of fear well that was only one ounce of it tomorrow will seem like childs play the camera cuts off at an anarchy symbol flashes onscreen. Beaten and bullied by them for being the guardian of the negative side of the tree. Shattereddream is one of the corrupted star sanses along with errorink and yanberry sans. Undertale au minecraft undertale minigame duration.

After cross ends up having negative feelings nightmare enters his lonely universe and they both create a deal that will allow them to extract parts of other worlds to his. Dream sans brother nightmare and dream were born from the same tree. Even though his name is sans hes rather called dream named after the tree that gave him life. Uncorrupted nightmare sans sings animal neon trees minor key version duration.

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