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The second skill that is unlocked through leveling up.

Roblox boxing league wiki. So what are the best gloves. Name price strength multiplier gems multiplier 1 noob 0 x1 x1 2 rookie 4m x2 x2 3 intermediate 700m x5 x3 4 experienced 3b x10 x5 5 professional 700b x20 x8 6 beast 3t x35 x15 7 champion 2q x50 x20 8 zeus 15q x70 x50 9 hephaestus 15s x100 x70 10 tezcatlipoca 15s x130 x100 11 deus fumi 65o x180 x140 12 apollo 2700n x230 x170 13 angelus 6000d x280 x230 14 erebus 15000u x330 x290 15 titan. It can break guards and can start a good combo. There is no best official glove in ro boxing.

View mobile site jokeypsych endgamehonest galaxyquest. Well i have been wondering and several people have been wondering. It does low damage but can be used if you need to keep the enemy away. And im here to explain to you some things about this.

The global robot boxing league is a group just like justice leagueits not a league which bots are challenged by new opponentstheir leader is the owner of steelhiroto hashimakaitheir arenatraining center is calledbowlars boxing ring and is located in okayoklahomareal place ok 1 your bot must have 2 or 3 higher in any stats 70 to 100 either speedintelligence you name it. And of course theres gloves that are better and worse than others and of course the rare common and maybe. It is a strong kick delivered in front of the user that blasts back enemies. The ro boxing wiki is a place that can answer any and all of your questions about the game.

It all comes down to opinion. Boxing league roblox wiki is a fandom games community.

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