Roblox Dungeon Quest All Weapons

There are different items for the 2 different classes warriors and mages each having their own technological advantages.

Roblox dungeon quest all weapons. Battle through dungeons with friends to slay the boss that awaits. Dungeons are the main mechanics of the game. The different legendaries are shown below. Legendary is the highest rarity of weapon possible in dungeon quest.

To trade players first need to click on the show players button in the top right corner. If you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and feel free to subscribe if. Categoryweapon roblox dungeon quest wiki fandom. Each one has a drop chance of 02 or 1500 runs.

The possible rarities are common uncommon rare epic and legendary. Weapons are items used to attack enemies in dungeon quest. Hardened ice sword heavenly greatsword hellstone greataxe hextech greataxe hextech katana hextech overloaded staff hextech polearm hextech wired spellblade high priest battleaxe holy grail holy staff holy wand honorable greatsword hopes triumph. Update 713 daily reward now gives loot from volcanic.

Weapons come in various rarities that are typically random. The first two legendaries are hybrids which means it is both for warriors and mages. Lobbies are mainly used for sellingupgrading gear. These are the current legendaries in dungeon quest note.

Legendary weapons indicated by an orange rarity are weapons with more potential spell or physical power than the other weapons of that dungeon. Armor has three stats that you can. Roblox dungeon quest wiki. Games movies tv video.

Its one of the millions of unique user generated 3d experiences created on roblox. They contain mobs and bosses and if completed they give gold and loot. Register start a wiki. Each dungeon has one sometimes two legendaryies only obtainable in that dungeon.

There is at least one per dungeon all of them being aquired in the nightmare difficulty of said dungeon. Theyre also common places to trade with other players. Weapons have a range of spell damage and physical damage. Acquire tons of loot and upgrade the gear you get to become powerful and face stronger enemies.

You can only get legendaries on nightmare. Today we go over all of the new mage weapons in roblox dungeon quests ghastly harbor update. Search sign in dont have an account. There are different rarities the higher is better.

Currently there are 11 different dungeons available to play in dungeon quest. Gray or clear is common green is uncommon blue is rare purple epic and a yelloworange will mean that its a legendary.

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