Roblox Marketplace Fee

This is where we draw the line.

Roblox marketplace fee. At 10 people get a little edgy. Basically the 30 market fee is the reason why robux has value and essentially can be sold for real life money. I use group gamepasses to avoid taxes. The marketplace fee is a percentage of revenue that is taken out of all items that are sold for robux on roblox.

Roblox anti marketplace fee accociation is a group on roblox owned by ipee12 with 100 members. This is no longer the case as of today. Group game passes dont have a 90 fee they have a 30 fee. If you do have premium that marketplace fee goes down to 30.

Marketplace fees while roblox offers many tools for free like roblox studio and hosting your games online it does charge a marketplace fee for any purchases players make in your game. The money earned through this fee helps roblox continue to provide new features and keep online servers for your games running. This fee helps support the roblox economy by keeping the supply of robux consistent reducing inflation. The fee for normal members is 90 as opposed to 30 for roblox premium users.

Theres currently a 90 marketplace fee on robux earned from selling game passes and developer products if you dont have premium. It just says its 90 because youre nbc but it isnt. I have an idea. Lets be honest people no one really minds a 5 marketplace fee.

Lets take away 30 of their profits. It is also the reason why the tixbux ratio has been steady for all these years with the exception of recently when they added devex its been pretty stagnant around 10 tixbux for a very long time.

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