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Roblox red head creepypasta. Before making a contribution you have confirmed that you. By momantouraphael2i will tell you a true story that i saw 10 or 15 minutes this is what i wanted to do. The game smile is made by a username named smile. It had grotesque bleeding white eyes no mouth and an all black body.

When you get close to the head your computer shuts down. I was shocked and i tried to leave the game but it wouldnt let me. I was lying on the outer part of his bed as his was against the wall. This time the figure fully revealed itself.

Id stake my life on it i saw a red floating head with green eyes going under my brothers bed. But suddenly i support on the button play and a red skybox with a yellow writing mayonnaise with written left the game is the second paragraph because i remember. I remember the face it was a mans face. Are at least 13 years of.

I wanted to play fight foodi started firefox and roblox in several attempts because it had problemsof crash. We are an official fandom community for creating roblox creepypastas. On the floor now believe me i know how this sounds. But its 110 true.

The rumor is that people would get a message from smile and it would say i need you here in the game and if you go to their game its just a. Here are the 5 creepiest mysteries that roblox might have seen. Roblox is a fun website but there are many creepy mysteries that might have affected everyones account because of this whole thing. Welcome to the roblox creepypasta wiki.

Wario head in roblox creepypasta. It seemed to just stare at me holding the red head. I saw the red head yet again and that black horrid figure. And i was kicked from the game.

When you turn the computer back on the wallpaper is set to you inside of the game.

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