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The submarine is a stealth based naval unit used for covertly attacking ships and naval buildings naval shipyard oil rig etc.

Tc3 roblox wiki. After the june 15th update players were able to receive skins after winning a match or paying 600 coins to open a skin box. It is a strategy game about creating and commanding soldiers and war vehicles to battle enemies armies. The general appears to be a truck that gives nearby soldiers a red effect and is made in the fort. Skins are the most common way of customization in tc3.

Planes in the conqueror series tend to be the fastest and strongest units in the games. Welcome to the conquerors wiki. All they may do is visually increasedecrease fire. The game is quite popular having achieved over 104 million place visits and over 143000 favorites this game is pretty well known to many robloxians.

A willys mb would have smaller headlights a thinner windscreen and more rectangular fenders. The general has no attack but gives foot soldiers around it a 60 damage buff. The conquerors is a game made by hathelper. They also travel in the air and can transport soldiers.

Welcome to the unofficial the conquerors 3 roblox wiki where people who enjoy the game or want to learn about the conquerors 3 collaborate together to help others learn more about the game. The roblox wikia is a collaborative wiki and social forum about roblox that anyone can contribute to. With the ability to get skins for free broken made the last 8 skins available only by winning matches. Common usages planes can travel around most maps pretty easily theyre versatile and deadly making them a useful tool to diminsh the other teams economy transport planes can be used to move soldiers quickly which can be used to launch a surprise.

This is a community full of new average casual and skilled players. With the help from many people we have gotten over 100 pages of information about many things such as super units and maps. Submarines usually should be used against buildings. Youll also be able to view unit and building stats and skins game modes maps strategies and stay up to date on the conquerors 3 news and more.

We are the largest growing resource for info on your favorite roblox games developers catalog items and more. Due to it being required to be researched to be used the submarine usually is created during mid game. The fort is lower than the command center and the headquarters. In this wiki you will socialize and discuss gameplay ideas and strategies with other conquerors.

Troops can be made from various buildings such. Games movies tv. The headquarters has four turrets and is the strongest defensiveoffensive building in the game fort. Skins do not increase or decrease any stats of your units.

The command center has two turrets on the building and everyone starts out with one in the gameallows you to share your allys production buildings and vice versa. This wikia currently has 21470 articles and 51384 files about us.

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