Texting Simulator Phone Parts Quest

If they both have a tablet and a laptop they can get 2x the amount of diamonds and texts.

Texting simulator phone parts quest. Send texts and then sell them to get money. The objective is to click to get texts then players can sell their texts for money to buy phones tablets and laptops. Join a team you can get an exclusive phone team apple or team droid i would recommend team apple. Get enough money to unlock worlds and achievement chests and portals.

Tablets and laptops give out diamonds every random click. Prepare your thumbs to start your adventure with a brand new ancient rokia phone and upgrade your way up to the latest in smartphone technology. Buy phones for more texts per click. Players can purchase phones tablets and laptops to get more texts.

The better the phone the more texts you get per click. Number name price texts ancient stupid nokia free 1 666 stopiam m340 0 3 pippy too expensive for phone 100 4 loganm20099 worst username 4ever username is trash 5 koleme we gonna get violated 10 6 phony puck900 cicada 3001 15 7 stopiam loser637 f you c 3001 cicada 8 wephone w600i meep city is trash 3001 9 gydgvedtedveytde loganm20099 is poop get violated 10 motorcycle cicada3001 anymouse. All 15 meteor fragment locations seeker skill quest roblox power simulator duration. Texting simulator is a simulator game created by kasius.

Claim your boost chest when possible. 626 egg hunt how to get all eggs in texting simulator.

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