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The x axis is a value passed to tweenservicegetvalue and the y axis is the value returned.

Udim2 roblox. It is a combination of two datatypeudim representing the x and y dimensions. This function will return whether the tween will play. Each easing style is described in a graph below. Udim stands for universal dimension and uses 2 coordinates.

A udim consists of a scale and an offset. Smoothly moves a gui to a new datatypeudim2 position in the specified time using the specified enumeasingdirectioneasingdirection and enumeasingstyleeasingstyle. These graphs use the in easingdirection. The easingstyle enum determines the way in which tweenservice tweening will act.

Udim2new is for moving gui. 05 makes the size cover 50 of its. These are used to figure out where exactly the udims position is. The difference between a udim and udim2 is that a udim2 represents a two dimensional plane with x and y coordinates while a udim only accounts for one coordinate.

The scale component of the udim. However i suggest not building a completely new udim2 and just keeping a single lua supported number local counter 35 for i 1750 do wait mfsize udim2new0 0 0 counter counter counter 1 end. It will not play if another tween is acting on the guiobject and the override parameter is false. Datatype index udim2 a udim2 is a type of coordinate used in building user interfaces.

A udim2 which is basically two udims universal dimensions being represented within the same object is a lua object which stores information about the size and position of gui elements. The value this represents is scaled relative to the axis that this udim is representing in a udim2. Scale is a number between 00 and 10 that is a percentage of the parent objects size. The out direction simply produces a reflection over the line xy.

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