What Is A Golden Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me

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What is a golden unicorn worth in adopt me. Chyna gaming 156811 views. Adopt me is a family friendly roblox game that allows you to adopt and raise pets dress them up decorate your own house and play with your friendsamong the many different types of pets that. Adopt me pets list. The unicorn is a legendary non limited pet that players can obtain from a non themed egg cracked egg pet egg or royal egg in adopt meit was added in the pet update as one of the first legendary pets along with the dragon if you look at the bottom of the board.

Adopt me trading duration. There was a 1 in 15 666 chance of getting it from the rat box and a 14 out of 15 chance to get a rat. What people trade for a golden egg pet in roblox adopt me. Not many people have these as you need to log into adopt me.

The insides of its ears and its tail is golden. I always find people in servers who think that the unicorn is the rarest pet in the game but in reality it isnt worth more than a dragon. The mega neon unicorns horn tail and the front part of the hair rapidly glows. People tend to like the unicorn for its looks but in rarity the unicorn is definitely not the rarest pet in the game.

Shifting from the colors of the rainbow. The unicorn and the dragon are currently the only legendary pets that can be obtained by purchasing non limited eggs at the. Golden rats were part of the 2020 lunar new year event. I only traded golden pets in adopt me for 24 hours.

It has black eyes and a golden nose as well. A mega neon golden unicorn. The golden rat has white fur white ears and white paws. And diamond unicorn which came after.

Its worth more if the uni is fly and ride yes its worth just a golden penguin but if not no its not worth. Every day for a year to get a golden egg. This is the third unicorn pet added in the game along with the unicorn evil unicorn.

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