Why Are Numbers Censored In Roblox

Let roblox yes the staff not the game why i capitalized do what they need to to keep it a safe platform.

Why are numbers censored in roblox. I seriously dont know how numbers can help predators with children so why were they censored. 2326 may 28 2017. This is why the older roblox is better a bit olderwhich includes the complex properties at the studio. And because of thati switched to a 3d program called blender.

Roblox censored numbers with spaces which means that you cant say any number anymore. But a good explaination for them censoringblacklisting numbers is because they want to make sure no kids give out their phone numbers. Thats the main reason why. For those of you who are curious ill give a link in the comments and how you can reach the top.

Why are numbers censored for under 13 accounts. Children can give out phone numbers. But atleast numbers shouldt be hashtagged when said to people who are 13 or older years old. Everytime you write a number it gets hashtagged.

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